Do you remember a time when you were disrespected and not valued at work? How did that impact you, your attitude, and your work? What about a time when you felt respected and valued? What impact did that have on you, your attitude, and work? Respectivity works to create more of the latter experiences.

Respectivity is a company designed to help workplaces improve employee engagement, service excellence, and overall productivity. In our research we have deducted that over 70% of professionals surveyed indicated that their work suffers in environments where they do not feel valued or respected. What has also been deducted is that unfortunately this can have a negative impact on providing service excellence to both internal and external customers. Therefore, Respectivity focuses on the 4R’s and its positive impact on results. The 4R’s are Respect for Self, Respect for the Internal Customer, Respect for the External Customer, and Respect for the Organization. Respectivity is designed to partner with workplaces to develop healthier cultures of respect in order to improve the results of the organization.