We currently offer four ways to serve the organizations that we partner with to increase employee engagement, service excellence, and overall productivity. We provide the following consultancy services:


We diagnose cultures of respect in organizations in multiple ways. First, we provide surveys and an analysis of the data that can be customized to the needs of the organization. Second, we conduct focus groups and one-on-one meetings to understand the inner workings of the culture and its impact on team/organizational success.

Learning and Development Workshops

While workshops shouldn’t be given as an option to every problem or opportunity to improve, they are viable options to increase the learning of participants around the intended objectives. The workshops we provide are filled with relevant examples, powerful stories, and practical tools that the participants can put into practice as soon as they leave. We will work with you to create a customized experience to ensure that your unique needs are addressed. The workshop topics generally focus on building a culture of respect, service excellence, authentic listening, and maximizing productivity. General concepts addressed include managing perceptions, maintaining a positive attitude, supporting the organizations mission, and developing a strong intrinsic value toward excellence. Also, while most companies focus just on “customer service” we believe that the best service is an inside out approach.

Coaching for Leaders

We provide a confidential experience to engage supervisors, leadership, and executives in an unbiased and fresh perspective to help them create and maintain a high culture of respect to positively impact results.

Keynote Presentations

We provide speakers who engage the audience in a high-energy, fun, yet practical and impactful way. Presentations are customized to the needs of the group and incorporate relevant stories and a level of inspiration to challenge the participants to greater respectful action both inside and outside the organization.